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Welcome To Scrapebox Underground

I purchased scrapebox and have no clue how to use it!!! Please help!

Welcome_To_Scrapebox_UndergroundUhh… How many times have we heard this before. Well, no sweat, if you happen to be in the same boat. We all have to start from somewhere. Scrapebox, or the internet marketers Swiss-Knife, is a versatile and multi-functional “harvester”. The double-quotes there are for a reason, “harvester” doesn’t quite do the tool justice. Scrapebox is in fact a lot more.

From pinging to scraping, from comment spamming to competitor analysis… Scrapebox can do it all. Yet, not many happy owners of the tool know how to use it to its full potential. Others, believing Scrapebox to be just another mass-spamming tool, stay clear of this amazing software, fearing the “Google-Ban” or other such nonsense (note: Google does of course ban sites, no tool or software or technique is however responsible for your site getting deindexed from Google. It’s all about how you use and apply the knowledge).

All of the above is rather a sad story really. While, perfect, one-sided execution… Read the rest

Avoiding The Sandbox Effect with Scrapebox

Article on how to avoid the Sandbox effect with Scrapebox..

Scrapebox Settings – How to set up Scrapebox

In this article we go over the various Scrapebox settings, found in the “Settings” and “Options” panel now. We will go through a few crucial settings only, read about all setting in the Scrapebox Master Guide. Please keep in mind that there is no “default” optimal set-up for every and all Scrapebox instances. You need to make your set-up as personal as possible and take your system resources as well as your needs into consideration.

Scrapebox settings tab

Name: “Adjust Maximum Connections” – Scrapebox is able to “multi-task” (multi-threaded capabilities) thus it is important to adjust these settings accordingly. Try lowering the settings first if you are running Scrapebox on a slow or older machine. Again, there is no default value, so a bit of experimentation is required. Max out all the settings if you are running on a dedicated server or on a powerful machine. Tip:Start out with default values and try togradually increase them, until you findyour perfect settings.

Name: “Adjust Timeout Settings”
– Tells Scrapebox when to call it quits. In other words, you… Read the rest

Scrapebox comments – How to let your comments stick?

Your comment stick rate (the likelihood of your comment “sticking” to a certain post you are commenting on) is a very important concept. Many do a fantastic job harvesting a great list of blogs/websites, filtering out low PR resources, preparing their campaign, etc. only to mess it up with a badly formatted comment. Here are some general guidelines to increase your stick rate.

Uniqueness of Scrapebox comments

First of all, you need to make it absolutely certain that your Scrapebox comments (or all comments for that matter) are unique. This ensures reduction of your footprint (Google or other search engines won?t be able to “track” you down). So how do you make your comments unique? Spinning of course! Scrapebox allows you to spin your comments, using a simple spin-syntax.

{Hey there|Hello|Good day}, {dear sir|fellow|friend}, {nice|great|fantastic} site! will, for example turn into “Hey there, dear sir, nice site!”
Scrapebox allows you to spin words, sentences and complete paragraphs. Make good use of all! Try to spin words as well as complete sentences. Prepare around 4-5 different, very well spun comments.… Read the rest

Link Velocity with Scrapebox

Link Velocity or How Fast Is Too Fast?

Something I would like to touch upon and feel it is important to discuss is link velocity. In other words, how many links should you be building per day. Although already mentioned in the previous articles, lets go over this once again and expand on some thoughts.

First, I would like to state with absolute certainty, that there is no such thing as too fast. Yes, believe it or not, will not ban you if you build too many links too fast. The proof is out there. For example, just last month, we have been watching a webmaster (doing business in the adult industry) build around 60k backlinks to his newly established resource and come to dominate Google. So why didn?t he end up in the Sandbox? Consistency is the keyword here. Consistency and footprint reduction. Google won?t ban or sandbox you for high link velocity (in other words for building a lot of links in a given period of time) if you stay consistent and reduce your footprint accordingly. … Read the rest

Scrapebox Proxy use: What, why and where

Scrapebox proxy use – Why do you need proxies for Scrapebox, what’s the difference between private and public proxies and where do you get them… those are the questions we will answer in this article..

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